Theater / Cabaret

It's official. 
Life is theater. 
The world is a stage. 
W.S. was right. 
We are merely players...
forced to break the fourth wall,
improvise with finesse and meaning,
glide (or stumble) through the scenery, 
spark, cultivate, maintain (and end) relationships,
develop, evolve and drive our own *character*...
while randomly intersecting with everyone else, doing the same thing.
It's chaos.  Beautiful chaos.
Many performance artists handle the world (and their character) more comfortably on an actual stage.  Made of wood, complete with footlights, follow-spots, muslin backdrops, faux furniture, and... populated by masters of navigation.  Playwright.  Director.  Choreographer.  Producer.  Stage Manager.  Costumer.  Coach.  Conductor.  Musicians.  Etc.   It's overwhelming to wear all those hats in the real world, every day, before you even walk out the door... knowing you'll interact with countless others trying to balance the hats too.
I handle the real world to the best of my ability, based on who I am when I wake up each day.  
But I am profoundly grateful to explore that other outlet, the stage made of wood, where I can settle in comfortably...
feel the lights on my skin, explore preconceived stories and characters, pull them off the page, and bring them to life. 
Here are a few samples of those outlets...  (click on the image to learn more about the show).