"...Hers is a
sit-up-and-take-notice voice,
full of color and backed by keen musical instincts."
- T. Smith, Sun-Sentinel
"...a dramatic artist that gives sense and meaning to what she is doing, both vocally and dramatically."
- L. Catoni, Opera Newsgroup
  1.           Theater / Cabaret
    Theater / Cabaret
    From one-woman shows to musical theater showcases, Jennifer captivates and commands with a presence that leaves you begging for more.
  2.                     Opera
    From pants roles to princesses, Jennifer has performed more than twenty principle roles under batons and direction of many renowned artists.
  3.            Jazz / Blues / Pop
    Jazz / Blues / Pop
    From Ella to Janice, Jennifer croons and belts with an extraordinary balance of nuance and intensity, capturing the essence of every lyric and emotion.
Once Upon a Time...

And now...

A few of my favorite things...
   Laughter that hurts
   More chocolate
   Stories through song
   Toddlers discovering
   Still more chocolate
   Music (any)
   Smiles in silence
There was a girl. A very strange, enchanted girl.  Who loved to sing.  She crooned with the Carpenters, mimicked Julie Andrews, and bopped along with her Dad who spun old 45s whose grooves emitted the sounds and thrills of the Everly Bros, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Linda Ronstadt, Crystal Gayle, and countless others... at the drop of a needle.
With hairbrush in hand, a star was born.  The songbird warbled day and night, portraying fluttery soprano-voiced Disney princesses and dance-fighting Jets in the slums of NY. Gender and genre were interchangeable. 
And it seems, after all these years, nothing has changed.
I perform.
Opera. Jazz. Blues. Rock. Musical Theater. Plays. Cabarets. Showcases. No genre is safe. (If you pay me enough, I'll rap.)
It's innate and obsessive (in a charming way, not a creepy way). It's how I relate to the world as I know it.  It's cathartic and communicative... and connective. (I must add *alliteration* to my Favorite Things list.)  It's therapy and bliss. It's challenging and risky. It breeds doubt and confidence, fear and courage.
What an honor and privilege to navigate life along an uncharted path of creativity, discovery, and stories yet to be told.
Professional Bio
Jennifer Cooper's professional opera career spans over 30 principle roles with various companies, including Florida Grand Opera, Michigan Opera, Glimmerglass, Chautauqua, Anchorage Symphony, Asheville, Opera North, and Merola.   She has appeared as a solo guest artist with Rappahannock Pops Orchestra, Chesapeake Orchestra's River Concert Series, Ft. Worth Symphony, and others.
She is currently manager and lead vocalist of the popular Jazz/Blues band, GrooveSpan , which performs frequently for festivals, private and public events and venues, throughout the east coast region.
Cooper also serves as founder and CEO of Go-DIVA! Productions, Inc.
whose mission includes:
    1) provide an extraordinary variety of exceptional, quality entertainment for 
        private and public organizations and individuals, 
    2) support local youth music education programs through fundraising and 
    3) provide music education for all ages through private voice instruction,
        master classes, workshops, and more.